After 3 years of utilizing the services of MAT Consultants I can state that in comparison to most of the other outsourcing firm I have done business with, MAT Consultants excels in three areas: Technical capability, support system and delivery mechanism.

By technical capability excellence I am referring to the fact that I’ve sent tasks to MAT Consultants of wide technical range, such as requiring complex HTML5, advanced CSS, PHP coding of various sorts (WordPress plugins, payment solutions and more), all of this solved with proficiency. I’ve sent them assignments requiring Android app creation, ASP.NET web service and other more intricate projects, confirming my belief that there is little that these guys can’t handle.

Their support system is one of the best I’ve ever experienced. Constant communication, quickly correcting any misunderstandings (which are inevitable in most projects) and showing willingness to listen to the client, politely suggesting changes where the client might benefit from tweaking the requirements, UI or architecture. The means of communication are up the client, whether using email, phone-calls, Skype texting and video conferences, MAT Consultants will adjust to the client’s preferences.

The delivery system of MAT Consultants is great, using agile methods so that the client will have periodic prototypes until final delivery. They may not be using the most advanced version controlling or repository submits, but their system works. Even after verification and project sign off, MAT Consultants have been willing to adjust the final product somewhat according to client wishes.

I have dozens of fellow clients here in Iceland who have done business with MAT Consultants after my referral. These clients share my positive experience of MAT Consultants.

Mr. Jonas Ingi Ragnarsson, Reykjavik, Iceland

It has been a pleasure to work with MAT Consultants for over a year now. They are always quick in responding and are excellent web coding masters. I would recommend them to everyone

Asher Burke

MAT Consultants has been a valuable partner in building an App to support our business. They have proven that they understand our requirements and have built an App that meets our expectations. In their work they have shown proof of excellent professional technical, functional and communication skills. This has led to the decision to proceed with the building of a new App with MAT Consultants.

Koen Dumez

Mat Consultans has been a tremendous development partner for Denali Technology Solutions. We have worked several projects with them and each has been successfully and efficiently delivered. Dealing with an off-shore development model can have it’s challenges, but working with Mani and his team has been a pleasure. There have been very few challenges along the way. Mani is an excellent communicator and keeps you apprised of any situations that do arise. That can be a difficult characteristic to find on-shore or off-shore. I would highly recommend Mat Consultants and Mani for any development work that your organization requires.

How this? Let me know if you want to make any changes. Sorry it took so long. I have been swamped. I am leaving for London where I will be there for a week long project.

Brandon Lee


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